Your Home Studio

Learn from our team and take advantage of interactive online sessions where you can convert your space into a creative studio environment. You’ll also get a glimpse into our studio facilitators’ own studios at home!

What you’ll need:

  • Computer, tablet, smartphone with internet connectivity
  • Audio access (speaker or headphones) for videos

Home Studio Tours

Artists all face unique challenges when setting up a studio at home. See how each of our Studio Facilitator works from their home studios and learn from their tips and tricks and to how to set up an art making space that works for all kinds of practices. See what makes our Facilitators happy while they are working, how their share space with other artists, how they set up and stay organized in a small space, and how you can use anything as an art-making material.

Instructional Guides

Artists are always learning new skills- here we will provide step-by-step instruction learning how to make in new ways. We’ll start with a sketch book tutorial. Don’t have a sketchbook at home? No problem! Learn how to make your own using all kinds of found paper in a “Make Your Own Sketchbook” video. This video will take you through book binding to daily sketchbook challenges. 

Flux Kits: Your toolkit to work on projects from home.

Coming soon to a mailbox near you.

Our Indefinite Art Studio Facilitators have assembled our very own version of a Fluxkit! The Fluxkit was first developed in 1962 by George Macjunas, a prominent artist in the transcontinental Fluxus movement. These artist-delivered kits consisted of a scattering of objects and instructions, assembled in a box, and distributed. Received through the mail, our IAC fluxkits will promote an interesting way to engage with art-making as well as learn more about another important movement in art history. We’re using these kits as another way of stimulating our artists sense of participation while away from the IAC studio space!