Guest Artists

This August, IAC will be exploring how we can use humour and performance to enliven our artistic practices. Emily Promise Allison will be joining our Zoom Studio sessions as our new Digital Artist in Residence, adding richness, insight, and a unique voice to our exploration of humour and performing arts. 

August also brings in-house workshops hosted by artist Teresa Tam. Teresa’s “Limitless Realities Workshop” will have artists exploring how we can combine drawing, painting, backdrops, green screens, and digital photography to re-imagine, design, and superimpose ourselves into our own digital spaces.

We are excited to be working with many new artists this year and are delighted to welcome Emily and Teresa to the online and physical studio this August!

Teresa Tam:

Teresa Tam is a practicing visual artist born and based in Calgary, graduating from ACAD in 2014.

Teresa’s practice utilizes familiar spaces and experiences to alter them into something foreign through re-interpreting and re-creating. Her projects are developed to include and emphasize visitor interactions. She specializes in digital platforms, functional installations, body-based exchanges, and labour-intensive cooking. She recently exhibited with Stride Gallery and M:ST Performative Art. She’s also a resident of the upcoming Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency. 


Emily Promise Allison:

Emily Promise Allison is an artist, performer, and educator who uses alternative approaches to living by questioning conventional human behaviour.