Sol LeWitt Prompt

Sol LeWitt, Dots at Random Connected by Straight Lines, (1971), 8.65 x 12.5, Pencil on Paper

This week’s Art Prompt digs back into Canadian art history as we take a look at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design’s Projects Class! Initiated in 1969, the Projects Class invited artists from Europe and North America to submit a list of simple, interesting, and sometimes bizarre instructions to help encourage new ways for students to think about art. Because the prompts were designed by artists who were usually not physically present at the college, the instructions were delivered by either telephone, letter, or telegram – remember, email and social media didn’t exist yet!

Each artists’ response to the given instructions would produce a variety of interpretations. Part of the fun was being able to see the variety of interpretations! Rather than telling students what to do or how to do them, the instructors encouraged experimentation, hoping that students would learn more by doing, making mistakes, and reflection. There was no right or wrong way of following the prompts!

Now, this may seem a bit strange, but we think we can do something similar with all of you. This prompt is inspired by Sol Lewitt. You can find out more about him here:


• A Pencil, or pencil crayons
• A ruler
• One sheet of paper


• On a sheet of paper, draw as many random dots as you want using a pencil (it can be a regular pencil or a pencil crayon). The dots should be evenly placed over the entire sheet of paper. You can choose to place as many dots as you would like.
• After placing your dots, use a straight line to connect all the dots. The lines can be drawn in any direction you would like.
• After you finish, take a photo of the piece of paper.