Sol LeWitt Drawing 289

LeWitt’s wall drawings were presented as a list of instructions, or guides, for creating work on a wall (but we’re going to try it out on paper). The instructions can be understood as creative constraints – they were fairly straight forward, but open to a certain amount of interpretation and variability. Anyone could create LeWitt’s artwork by following his instructions. In that way, the instructions themselves became the artwork! Subtle (or drastic) variations happened each time his instructions were performed, making each installation a unique work.

This one is LeWitt’s Wall Drawing 289, which was created in 1976 and first installed in 1978 at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 sheet of paper
  • One pencil, pen, or marker
  • A straight edge or ruler

Here’s a modified version of LeWitt’s instructions:

  • From each corner of your page, draw 12 straight lines. The lines can be in ANY direction and ANY length. They can be clustered, or spread out – The rules are meant to be open to interpretation!
  • From the MIDPOINT of each side of your page (you’ll have to locate them using a ruler!), draw 12 lines extending from those point.
  • Located the very CENTER of your page using a ruler. From the CENTER of your page draw 24 straight lines in ANY direction.

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing video using American Sign Language