Postcards are a great way to share a picture, a brief message, and your feelings with someone from a distance. They are also special “snapshots” about the things happening around you. And, let’s admit it, sometimes it’s just nice to get a physical reminder that someone has been thinking about you. Usually Postcards come premade, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. You can create a drawing, a painting, or a collage to send to someone anytime you want to!

It really doesn’t matter if you send it or not – it’s the thoughts and feelings that go into it that make it special. Remember, this could be to anyone!

Required Materials:
– 6” X 5” piece of cardstock paper (any blank piece of paper, cut to size, will work! Even premade postcards!)
– Pencils, Pencil Crayons, Markers, etc.
– Scissors
– Glue
– Magazines, Newspapers, or an assortment of print material.

1. Prepare your postcard by cutting your paper, cardstock, or cardboard to size (remember, you can paint over anything to make a blank canvas!).
2. Spend time thinking about someone special that you would like to share a moment with.
3. Start your postcard by sketching out your image. If you’re making a collage, start by looking through magazines and newspapers to figure out which pictures you’d like to use in your design. 
4. Create your card! Use your talents to draw, paint, or colour you image. If collaging, cut out and glue down your images. You can use almost anything to make your cards!
5. Once your image is complete, flip over your card to write a brief message.
6. Add the name and address.
7. Mail it, save it, or take a picture of it! Indefinite Arts would love to see your work.

If you would like to send your postcard to IAC please use the following address:

Indefinite Arts Centre
8038 Fairmount Drive S.E.
Calgary, AB
T2H 0Y1

Post images of your creations in the comments section below!