Artwork Prompts

Art prompts are all about provoking interesting and creative responses! Our Art Prompts series will be simple, compelling, and amusing instructions to help fuel the imaginations of our artists. Similar to other examples of instruction-based projects from, for instance, the Fluxus art movement and Nova Scotia’s College of Art and Design’s experimental Projects Class, rough guidelines will be presented in ways that will allow our artists to engage in any way they see fit. These prompts will not only introduce artists to these historical types of artistic experimentation, but they will promote a playful way to work out, or through, new kinds of art-making processes!


Postcards are a great way to share a picture, a brief message, and your feelings with someone from a distance. They are also special “snapshots” about the things happening around you. And, let’s admit it, sometimes it’s just nice to get a physical reminder that someone has been thinking about you. Usually Postcards come premade, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. You can create a drawing, a painting, or a collage to send to someone anytime you want to! 

Artist as Collectors

Look around—we are surrounded by objects! How often do we think about the origin of everyday objects, and how can objects influence our art making?

Fibre Art Prompt

This week’s Art Prompt takes a closer look at one of the fibre prompts included in the second IAC Fluxkit!

Sol LeWitt Prompt

This week’s Art Prompt digs back into Canadian art history as we take a look at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design’s Projects Class! Initiated in 1969, the Projects Class invited artists from Europe and North America to submit a list of simple, interesting, and sometimes bizarre instructions to help encourage new ways for students to think about art. Because the prompts were designed by artists who were usually not physically present at the college, the instructions were delivered by either telephone, letter, or telegram – remember, email and social media didn’t exist yet!

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing 289

Our artists really enjoyed our Sol LeWitt line drawing prompt from a few weeks back, so we’ve decided to add another!

4 Different Ways to Make a Sketchbook

Studio Facilitator, Alisha Marie demonstrates four different ways to create a sketchbook while working from home

Creative Creatures

Using abstract blotches, smudges, or marks to kick-start your imagination can have some pretty amazing results. In one way or another, we’ve all done something similar. Have you ever noticed interesting shapes floating around in the clouds? What about a face on the moon? This is a phenomena called pareidolia, and artists have been playing with it for years. 

Responding to Art in Your Own Style

Last weeks art prompt had us responding to meaningful objects in our home. We can do similar responses to artwork!

How to add sequins to fabric

 Studio Facilitator, Richelle Bear Hat demonstrates how to add sequins to fabric.