Artist as Historian

Be inspired by spaces.

Examples of how museums and exhibitions tell stories + reflect on events.

Museums and Exhibitions as Narrative

Whether in museums or galleries, exhibitions tell a story and shape narratives. Artists are natural storytellers, and here we will explore the ways museums and exhibitions can help tell those stories. We will provide information about accessible and digital ways our artists can explore online exhibitions while we outline how exhibitions can enliven their experience as artists. 

Be inspired by other artists

Historical and modern-day examples of artists as historians.

Contemporary Artists as Historians

Explore historic and contemporary examples of how artists have shared the stories of their time. Each post will provide background information on a particular artist, accompanied by images of their artwork. The content will be compiled by each of our IAC Studio Facilitators, who will provide their personal connection to the artist (i.e. why they consider them to be important to their art practice). Providing context and examples will help show how we can participate in these historical conversations.